Tree Identification by Flower: How to Tell What Tree that Is

Tree identification by flower is a recommended technique to identify a tree because many trees have unique flowers.

How Do You Identify Trees by Their Flowers Plant America

You should use the details of the tree’s flowers and other parts to tell what the exact tree. To learn how to identify trees by their flowers, read this tree identification guide.

How Do You Identify Trees by Their Flowers?

You identify trees by their flowers by measuring the length and width along with the color schemes of the flowers and recording as many details as possible.

How To Identify Trees Apart From Their Flowers Plant America

Expert botanists or natives can use these recorded details to tell you the name of the tree instantly. But as an amateur, you can also learn this technique to some degree. 

– Record Details of Flowers in the Tree

You need to record as many details of the flowers as you can because more details can help you quickly identify the flower.

Some details that you should record are:

  • The width and height of the flower
  • How the flowers are arranged on the branch
  • How many petals are in the flower
  • The color of the flower
  • Whether there are hairs present in flower or not

If you have a camera, you should take a photo of the flower. Place your finger or a stick near the flower in the photo so that you can tell the width and height of the flower by hearing your finger later.

– Study Multiple Flowers

You should study as many flowers of the tree as possible because one flower may be unique or not represent the average flowers of the tree.

The more you record, the more accurate your report will be because you will be working with the average size and colors of the flowers.

– Try To Locate the Stamen of the Flower

The stamen is that part of the flower with little yellow specks of dust. Those specks of dust are tree pollens used to fertilize other flowers. You should know the stamen position so that you can tell the method of pollination for the plant. 

Try To Locate the Stamen of the Flower Plant America

When the stamen is exposed, it means that the flower is most likely wind-pollinated. When the stamen is non-emerging, it means that the flower is most likely pollinated by insects.

With the type of pollination, you can tell if the plant in your mind is correct or not. If you have a guess, simply research how your guessed tree is pollinated.

– Perceive the Flower’s Scent

Not like it is the best way to identify, but the flower scent is a good way to identify some trees.

The flowers of some flowering trees have a bad smell, while others smell good. Some flowers have smells that are difficult to perceive.

– Record the Day or Season of the Year

It is important to know and record when you found the flower. This is because trees bloom in a particular season. Trees that flower in summer do not produce flowers in winter. Spring flowering trees do not produce flowers in the fall months (except on rare occasions).

If you have a guess or someone told you the name of the tree, research to find out when the tree usually flowers. If the season matches the season when you found the flower, the guess might be correct.

– Search for a Photo of the Flower on the Internet

This is a very good method to identify a tree, as there are so many plant encyclopedias or dictionaries available on the internet. You can get a list of flowering trees with pictures on the plant identification page, so you search for a picture that matches your flower.

It is not enough to get the names of flowering trees in an area, and you must check if they match your flower. Well, remember that the flowers of trees differ in color depending on the variety.

How To Identify Some Common Trees by Their Flowers?

To identify some common trees by their flowers, you have to look at the shape and color of the petals. Moreover, you can also identify the type of common trees by observing the time and season in which they are growing.

– Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtles are indeed very popular trees. They produce colorful flowers, and their bloom stays for a long time, occurring in the summer months. The flowers are white and star-shaped.

Colorful Crape Myrtle Bloom Plant America

The showy pink flowers have some long stamens. You can easily identify them with their wrinkled petals which feel so much like crepe paper. Check out 7 landscaping ideas with Crepe Myrtles for your garden!

– Persian Silk Tree

Here’s a tree species with unique flowers. The tree’s bloom starts in May and lasts until July. The flowers are fragrant and look so much like a pompom. 

They grow in clusters and are pink, measuring up to 1.5 inches long. The beautiful flowers attract pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

– Pink Trumpet

Trumpet trees feature tubular flowers that are bright pink to magenta. They have yellow throats and grow to form large round clusters. 

These trees usually bloom in late winter and end in early spring before leaves form. The beautiful trees are native to South and Central America.

– Witch Hazel Tree

This tree has weird-looking bright yellow flowers with four very thin petals. The petals can grow half an inch long, and they start forming in mid to fall. The hazel flowers are nice-smelling.

Thin Petal Witch Hazel Tree Plant America

You can easily identify these trees in woods in the fall months because their flowers are the only colors that you’ll see. Their leaves lay on the ground, just like the leaves of other trees.

– Cherry Trees

You surely love cherries, right? The pink to white flowers grow and fall, usually a week before the tree starts producing leaves. This means that if you see the tree in spring, it’ll look very colorful, as there are no leaves.

The flowers have five petals. Also, they have exposed or hanging stamens for easy pollination. However, be cautious with the type of Cherry tree you will pick since they can get really tall!

How To Identify Trees Apart From Their Flowers?

You can identify trees apart from their flowers by studying the leaves, canopy, bark, and fruits of the tree. The fruit is indeed the most reliable method to identify trees, but other parts of the tree are also reliable. Pay much attention to the leaves of the tree.

– By Their Leaves

When you see an unknown tree without flowers or fruits, the most reliable way to identify the tree is to carefully look at the leaves.

Carefully look at the leaf shape and try to measure the size. Also, check how arranged the leaves are, as the leaves of different trees are arranged in different ways.

– Canopy

By “canopy“, we mean the cluster of the tree leaves with regards to the arrangement of branches and how tall and wide the tree is.

Some tree canopies are full and can act as a perfect shade while other trees have a scattered canopy. You should take a photo of the tree from a distance so that you can see its entire canopy.

– Bark

What type of bark does the tree have? Is it hard or a bit soft? Before you conclude the type of bark, check for other individuals of the same species in the area, as age can affect the type of bark on a tree.

Also, take note of the color of the bark. If possible, check if you can peel the bark and record that as well.

– Fruits

Of course, the most reliable method to know what tree you are looking at is through its fruits. With the size, color, and smell of the fruit, you can easily identify the tree.

The locals (i.e., people living around) can tell you the common name of the tree by showing them the fruits. Please do not have a taste of the fruits, as some trees produce toxic fruits.


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