You can plant a peach seed easily by using preserved seed pits from consumed fruits and germinating them under the right conditions.

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The process is fairly simple and without the requirement of any sophisticated gardening technique, you can successfully germinate several varieties.

In this detailed guide, we spill the beans on the process of growing peach trees right from the seed, with minute details on achieving a higher germination rate. Read our expert gardening tips and know what exactly you need to do to get healthy, fruit-bearing trees.

How to Plant a Peach Seed

You can easily plant a peach seed from seed pits by following the right growth steps. All you need to do is preserve the seed after you eat the fruit, and with proper care and gardening techniques, you can get a healthy tree. Make sure to give your baby peach trees adequate care and the right environment for them to grow healthy and happy.

In the section below, we list out the steps in detail to ensure a peach pit germinates successfully. Read how planting such trees can be effortlessly done with a seed — nurturing it right until it bears fruits for you.

– Extract the Seed Pit

Have you just consumed a peach fruit and are wondering what to do with peach pits? You can readily use this to produce a fruit-bearing tree. Collect several of them so that you can increase your chances of getting germinated peach seeds.

Make sure to place these seeds in a clean container while they are waiting to be planted. Moldy or dirty seeds will hamper germination and might not grow into a plant.

– Prepare the Seed

It is vital to prepare the seed before you begin the process to increase the odds of germination. Scrub the pit off any fruit fibers that may remain stuck on the surface and then dip it into a diluted solution of bleach.

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Follow this up by air drying it. This will prevent mold and mildew from forming a layer over the seed. Regarding how long should a peach seed dry before planting, it best is to keep it overnight. Additionally, after air-drying the seed pit, coat it with a fungicide to reduce further chances of mold growth.

– Remove the Kernel From the Pit

Crack open the peach pit and gently remove the kernel within. If you are wondering how to crack open a peach seed, it is fairly simple and all you need is a hammer. Make sure to be gentle with the kernel as this is where your future peach tree will start off.

You can opt to plant the entire pit without cracking it open, although this may result in slower germination. For quicker and a higher success rate, it’s best to use the kernel.

– Cold Stratification for the Seed

This is a very important step that will help to speed up the germination process. Seeds require cold temperatures for about four months between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thus, it is recommended to place the seeds in a plastic bag or container filled with an aerated and lightly moist potting soil and moving it into the refrigerator for this duration to augment germination.

Do note that food supplies such as apples and bananas in the refrigerator may emit ethylene, which can hamper the viability of the seed. So keep the seed bag away from such food items.

– Wait for Germination

Once the seeds are done with cold stratification, wait for germination to occur, which in normal course will take around three to four weeks after the completion of the cold treatment of the seed. You will notice tiny juvenile roots erupting from the pit measuring about half an inch.

The time it takes to germinate varies across peach tree varieties. Besides, it’s a good practice to try and use several peach pits to increase the chances of germination.

– Move the Seedling to a Container

Immediately after germination, move the seedling to a pot or container filled with slightly moist aerated soil in which peaches grow well. Give the container enough depth so that the juvenile roots have enough room to develop their long taproots deep into the soil.

Place this container in a well-lit and ventilated spot, away from cold drafts or chilly winds. This will ensure the proper growth of new shoots and stems and healthy foliage.

– Hardening Off the Seedling

Before you transplant your plant directly into the soil outdoors, you will need to get it acclimatized. This process is known as hardening off the seedling and the right time to do it is when the plant has grown at least two or three leaves. 

Hardening Off the Seedling PlantAmerica

Begin by moving it to a bright spot in the garden for two hours. Increase the duration slowly over a few days by adding an extra hour. This will get the plant slowly accustomed to the bright sun‘s rays, changes in temperature and wind conditions. Hardening makes the trees grow well.

– Choose the Right Soil

The plant thrives well in a sterile potting mix that is well-draining and aerated. Grow peach in soil that includes sphagnum moss and vermiculite in the growing medium.

Keep the soil lightly moist in a warm and well-lit spot. This will encourage rapid sprouting of leaves and stems of the plant

– Transplant Outdoors

Choose a spot in your garden that will provide the plant with full sun and good drainage. Dig a deep hole into the ground and moisten it slightly. Gently lower the plant that has been removed from the container and cover with mulch, taking care not to damage the taproot of the peach.

Ideally, you will need to plant it three to four inches deep and cover it with an inch of soil, along with watering it lightly to prevent the soil from turning soggy.

– Care for the Peach Tree

The right care will keep the peach tree growing healthy and thriving, capable of producing bountiful fruits. However, do note that it does take a few years for fruiting to happen.

Water the plant regularly, ensuring the soil doesn’t end up remaining soggy. Prune stems and branches to encourage fresh growth and increase the chances of fruit yield. Regularly check for pests and diseases that feast on the foliage of the plants, making them go weak and limp at the stems.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Can You Grow a Peach Pit in Just Water?

You can germinate seeds in water by using a simple process of soaking them overnight. This method is especially useful in warmer places.

After putting the seeds through cold stratification, soak the seeds overnight in room temperature water. Once soaked, move them into slightly moist potting soil in a jar or plastic bag and follow the steps similarly as mentioned in the above section.

– Do Peach Seeds Need To Be Dried Before Planting?

Yes, seeds need to be dried overnight before planting to prevent the growth of mold or mildew on the surface. This is essential in order to ensure that your peach seed will germinate successfully.

– How Long Does It Take To Grow a Peach Tree?

It can take three to four years for peach seeds to grow into fruit-bearing trees from the start of the seed germination process. Also, the seed that is planted and germinated will not be identical to the parent. There is a considerably high chance that the new tree will develop its distinctive characteristics.

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You can plant a peach tree by buying a young sapling from a local nursery and directly planting them in your backyard or garden. Starting peach cultivation from seed is often a slow process and can take several years to produce fruit. Hence, for a quicker solution, directly planting a sapling works well.

The best time to plant the tree is when they are dormant between late winter and early spring.


You have now learned that growing your peach trees from a seed is an easy process as long as you take care of the steps and procedures involved properly.

Let us recapitulate our learning from this article from beginning to end.

  • You can plant a peach seed by using the kernel from the seed of the fruit you have consumed. The seed needs to be treated through cold stratification before you plant it for a higher germination success rate.
  • Germination takes several weeks and depends on the variety of the peach plant. Once juvenile tender roots are noticed, transfer them to a container filled with aerated and well-draining soil.
  • Harden off the young sapling by acclimatizing it to outdoor conditions before transplanting it directly into the soil.
  • Once transplanted into the soil in the ground, care for it by watering it regularly, pruning stems and branches and preventing pests and diseases.

Whether you are looking at how to grow a peach tree indoors or outdoors, with these tips you can now grow them using seed kernels from consumed peach fruits. So wait no longer and grow your peach trees right in your home or backyard!

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