Plant America, the premier online resource for plant care and gardening enthusiasts, has acquired the domain.


Since 2002, CucurbitBreeding has been a trusted source for detailed information on cucurbit breeding, cultivation techniques, and horticultural research. Featuring extensive content such as breeding guides, research articles, and expert advice, CucurbitBreeding has established itself as an essential resource for researchers and hobbyists alike.

With one of the pioneering websites in the field of cucurbit breeding now under its umbrella, PlantAmerica is committed to upholding the high standards and passion that made CucurbitBreeding a beloved platform.


Founded by a group of passionate horticulturists, PlantAmerica has quickly become the leading source for plant care and gardening information on the internet. Offering in-depth guides on a wide variety of plants and flowers, it is the go-to site for anyone seeking reliable gardening advice. Need specific care tips for your favorite plants?

Explore PlantAmerica’s extensive library of plant, flower, and vegetable care guides!

Additionally, you’ll find expert advice on lawn maintenance, creative landscaping ideas, and practical gardening tips, all curated by experienced gardeners with a wealth of knowledge. Since its inception, PlantAmerica has grown its collection of articles, guides, and plant profiles into a comprehensive resource that caters to gardeners of all levels. With PlantAmerica, cultivating your garden has never been easier!

With this acquisition, PlantAmerica is excited to continue the mission started by CucurbitBreeding and build upon its solid foundation to reach even greater heights.

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