Driveway plants ideas are ones that will help you reinvent your landscape design while adding a touch of your style. These plants create a dynamic natural appearance for your driveway while attracting birds, butterflies, bees, etc.

Driveway Plants Ideas Plant America

They contribute to the natural beauty all year round, like a magical welcome every time you drive in. Your driveway will always be different if you choose any of these plant ideas to accessorize it, so keep reading, and you will surely love the list that is put together.

Check Out These Driveway Plants Ideas

1. Hydrangeas

Showy Hydrangea Blooms Plant America

  • Belongs to the shrub family
  • An excellent choice for homeowners
  • Adds privacy without requiring too much work
  • Medium-sized deciduous shrub
  • Taller and lush in texture
  • Produce large blue, pink, or white blooms
Planting technique
  • Suitable as a standalone
  • Combined with secondary perennials like ferns or hostas
  • Provide adequate spacing to allow spreading
  • Provide morning sun and afternoon shade

Hydrangeas thrive in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 11 under sunlight and partial shade. They bloom vibrantly in blue, pink, or white flowers depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil.

These medium-sized shrubs are excellent for growing along the driveway as they spread cheer in your landscape. They do well with little neglect and do not require much care, which is why having them placed around your driveway is a great idea, especially if you wish for them to have a showing vibrancy. If your Hydrangeas are not blooming check out these remedies!

2. Boxwood

Evergreen Boxwood Hedge Plant America

  • Belongs to the evergreen family
  • Perfect plants for the driveway with their lush privacy screen
  • Evergreen all year round
  • Tall and lush plants
  • Blocks cold wind and other elements
Planting technique
  • Best added to garden beds and borders
  • Mix with other annuals to give more color
  • Plant in pots or directly in the garden
  • Prune often to keep them in shape
  • Provide well-draining soils

Boxwood plants are the best when it comes to revamping your curb appeal, the evergreens give structure to your yard as they come in many sizes. You can grow them tall with minimal pruning or shorter by often pruning them so that they would remain in a neat and practical shape, giving you a great choice in being plants for driveway borders.

These plants provide an added advantage as a part of your landscaping ideas if you plan to sell your home. You can use pots to move them around from time to time as you wish; the reason why a lot of people like this plant is because it would be placed as a matter border plant that would give privacy to the surrounding of the house.

3. Arborvitae

Tall Arborvitae Privacy Screen Plant America

  • Belongs to the evergreen family
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Famous for hedges, borders, and privacy screens
  • Fast growing
  • Evergreen all year round
  • Grows in a spherical shape
Planting technique
  • Best if you plant them single or in groups
  • Can grow them in containers or directly in the garden
  • Best for a walkway or driveway edges
  • Water them less frequently as they are drought tolerant
  • Provide adequate growing space

The evergreen arborvitae is one of the best low maintenance driveway plants. It works with various garden designs complementing them in their way.

These beautiful greens are ones that would grow fast, which is approximately three feet in a year, and they would show their beautiful dense green foliage if you plant them in front of your house. On another note, you should locate them in a place where they will receive full and direct sunlight in the day. You can also use Arborvitae to secure your house!

4. Lavender

Fragrant Lavender Herb Plant America

  • Belongs to the flowering herbs class
  • Grows as shrubs
  • Beautiful with bright blue, purple, or violet blooms
  • Have a strong scent and taste
  • Grows to about three to four feet tall, depending on the variety
Planting technique
  • Grows best as individuals
  • Plant in pots or directly in a flower bed
  • Prune them less frequently to keep them compact
  • Water frequently to encourage blooming on time

Lavender is one of the many herbs you can grow along the driveway, and it thrives with minimal care and loves to bloom in the summer season. You can grow this herb along the driveway for use in your kitchen or as a flower.

In addition to providing more privacy without blocking your view along the driveway, it is also one that would require minimal care and adds a richness of purple color around the area. Also, you would love it when they start growing and attracting different pollinators, and as a result, you would see in spring that it has little flowers blooming and spreading their rich fragrance.

5. Rosemary

Culinary Rosemary Herb Plant America

  • Belong to the flowering herbs family
  • Grows as a perfect hedge for natural gardens
  • A versatile plant that goes with most landscaping styles
  • Evergreen all year round
  • Blooms with pink, white, blue, or purple flowers
Planting technique
  • Grow it as an individual or plant them in a group
  • Use containers or grow them directly in the garden
  • Prune them regularly to maintain short shrubs
  • Allow to grow to full height to add some privacy

Rosemary is a herb that perfectly goes with many types of gardens. You can have well-groomed rosemary hedges for modern landscaping by planting them together and pruning them to keep them compact.

It is hardy and resistant, making it ideal for your driveway as it tolerates a little neglect. You can allow it to grow up to about five feet for more privacy or prune it to keep it short. The benefit of planting them is that you will see how these herbs, with their strong smell, are able to repel different pests away, and that is also advantageous for other plants too.

6. Daylilies

Colorful Daylily Perennial Plant America

  • Belongs to the low-growing annual and perennial family
  • Allows a combination of short and tall plants to grow together
  • Tough perennial plants
  • Blooms last for over a week
  • Have varieties for early, mid, or late seasons
Planting technique
  • Best planted in masses
  • Plant directly in the garden in front of other flowers
  • Mix and match with other larger, more permanent driveway plants
  • Divide the clumps after flowering
  • Provide less frequent watering

Daylilies are sun-loving and bring cheer to your home, primarily when grown in masses. They are tough perennials that tolerate heat and drought. They grow in mid to late-season varieties, with the blooms lasting for weeks, and they would show their beautiful flowers. Once the flowers fade, divide the clamps, so you can have extra daylilies to plant, for the upcoming blooming season.

7. Winter Creeper

Low Winter Creeper Groundcover Plant America

  • Belongs to the shrub class
  • Best for container planting or directly in the landscape
  • A shrub with ruby-red foliage
  • Forms neat small mounds
  • Produces bright pink flowers in the spring
Planting technique
  • Best planted as single plants in containers
  • Can be mixed with other taller plants
  • Creates a striking combination
  • Provide full sun to partial shade
  • Water frequently to keep the soil moist

The compact shrub is one of the best plants for driveway borders, forming beautiful small mounds. It thrives in USDA hardiness zones seven through nine under full sun and partial shade.

In spring, you will see the fortune spindle flowering with bright pink flowers; these buds will add a unique graceful style around your house because the ​​winter creepers would blossom up little white flowers that attract pollinators. On another note, this plant is the best to keep the grass from growing in your driveway.

8. Monkey Grass

Ornamental Monkey Grass Plant America

  • Belongs to the ornamental grass class
  • It is not actual grass but looks similar to turf grass
  • Deep evergreen foliage all year round
  • Purple muscari-like blooms that appear in summer
Planting technique
  • Best planted alone to showcase its beauty
  • Planted as filler that makes your landscape look full
  • Water less frequently once established
  • Requires part sun and shade

Monkey grass is a perennial that grows to 12 inches tall and wide, as long as they are located in the USDA hardiness zones five to 10. This is the type of plant that has been a favorite border plant for many generations preferred due to its evergreen foliage and beautiful purple flowers.

Though not an actual type of grass, it is classified in the ornamental grasses class as it looks similar to turf grass. This is the plant to go for if you want your landscape to look fuller, with its beautiful purple flowers that would look tall and beautiful.

9. Hostas

Shade Loving Hosta Foliage Plant America

  • Belongs to the low-growing annuals or perennial family
  • Best grown in front of your driveway areas
  • Has showy leaves
  • Comes in shades of green, blue, cream, gray, and yellow-gold
Planting technique
  • Best planted alone in front of other taller flowers
  • Best mixed with begonias and impatiens for that pop of color
  • Water frequently
  • Space them to allow plenty of growing space

Hostas do well in spaces that are just empty in front of other taller plants or trees. They cover the ground with attractive foliage making it free from weeds and beautiful.

Their various colored leaves are of great interest to plant lovers who want to bank on leaves and flowers to keep the driveway attractive, and they have a tendency to spread and look vibrant when they are growing as they have different colors of foliage. They thrive in hardiness zones three to nine, making a good impression that you don’t want to miss.

10. Azaleas

Colorful Azalea Flowering Shrub Plant America

  • Belongs to the shrub family
  • The shrubs are available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Blooms in spring and summer
  • Dwarf azaleas are best for container planting
Planting technique
  • Best for beds, porches, or around the mailbox area
  • Best in pots near the entrance to move around easily
  • Provide filtered morning sun and afternoon shade
  • Water adequately to keep the soil moist

Azaleas shrubs are attractive as they are available in different colors and sizes, and they thrive in USDA hardiness zones six to nine under indirect sunlight and afternoon shade.
On the other hand, you can also aim to plant some dwarf azaleas that thrive in containers, as they are small and easy to care for.

Place them at the entrance for that sparkling bright look, as this is the reason why most people like to plant them. Moreover, they are also known to be attracting different pollinators into your driveway, and this would boost their growth and add beautiful blooms in spring, especially if you have a little garden center or garden cover.

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