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What you need:
  • 32 gallon trashcan w/ lid
  • Manure, either dried or composted
  • Burlap sack
  • Twine
  • Water soluble fertilizer (optional)
Manure tea is a wonderful booster for your roses and it's easy to make. All you need is a plastic garbage can, some manure, and a burlap sack. The one drawback to manure tea is the smell. However, after you see how much your roses appreciate it, the smell will be easier to deal with. Fill the sack about half way up with manure. Composted manure can be used, or if you have a cow pasture near by dried cow chips work just as well.
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Tie off the top of the sack and place it in the garbage can. Fill the can up with water and cover it with the lid. If you wish, add some water-soluble fertilizer to the tea for an added boost for your plants. If you do add supplemental fertilizer, add it at one quarter the recommended dosage.
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Fill the trash can with water.
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Place the lid on the can and wait. It will take about two weeks for the tea to steep. Water your roses with half a gallon per bush once a week and they will love you for it. Manure tea is not exclusively for roses. Just about any plant will benefit from occasional doses.