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What you need:
  • Glass jar or coffee can
  • Tape
  • Pen or permanent marker

Gardeners frequently find themselves with leftover seeds at the end of the season. When seeds are not stored properly, they quickly loose their viability and become worthless. Here is a simple and effective seed storing technique. Obtain a glass jar or coffee can with a tight fitting lid. Old plastic film canisters work quite well also.
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Before placing the seed packets in the storage jar, be sure to seal them with tape so the contents will not leak out. Mark the packet with the date stored. If you use film canisters, mark each one with the type of seed and the current date.
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Store the seeds in a refrigerator set between 35 and 45 degrees F. Seed stored in this fashion can last for many years. When you're ready to use the seeds, test them for viability before planting.