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What you need:
  • Sand
  • Compost or sieved top soil
  • Blood meal
  • Grass seed
  • Rake
  • A pot for measuring

A good mix for reseeding bare spots on lawns is:
  • 5 parts sand
  • 2 parts sterilized compost
  • 1 part blood meal
  • 1 part grass seed.
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    Use a clean pot to measure out the right quantities of each ingredient. Layer the different components into a suitable mixing container.
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    Thoroughly combine all of the ingredients.
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    Rake the area you will be reseeding with a metal rake. This will break up the surface of the soil and make it easier for the grass to establish itself.
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    Spread the mixture evenly over the entire bare spot. Try to cover the whole area with about a " of the reseeding mix. It's a good idea to tamp down the seed by either walking over it or using the back of a rake. Water the seeded area and within a couple of weeks, grass should be sprouting. It's important to keep the area moist until the grass is established.