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What you need:
  • Posthole digger
  • Spirit level or post level
  • 5/8 in. gravel
  • 1x2 lumber
  • Two 2 in. wood screws
  • Electric drill
Mounting a cedar lattice trellis is simple. First, dig two holes using a posthole digger. Space the holes the same distance apart as the trellis legs and 3-4 in. deeper than the length of the legs.
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Add about 5 in. of 5/8 in. gravel to the holes. Tamp the gravel firmly with a 2x4 to create a stable base.
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Place the legs in the holes with the bottom rung 1 in. above ground level. If the top of the trellis isn't level, add gravel on the low side. Attach two 3-4 ft. lengths of 2x2 or 1x2 lumber to opposite sides of the trellis with one screw each to stabilize the trellis while you plumb it.
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Use a post (or other spirit) level to plumb the trellis.
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Fill the holes with more gravel. Pack the gravel around the posts with a 2x4. Concrete is suitable for permanent installations, but gravel allows easy relocation or removal of the trellis.
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Remove the stabilizing braces, cover the gravel with a thin topping of soil, and you are done.