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What you need:
  • 2 10' pressure treated 2x4s
  • 1 8' pressure treated 2x4
  • 3 8' cedar trellis channels
  • 1 2'x8' cedar lattice
  • 20 1-1/4" exterior wood screws
  • 6 3" exterior wood screws
  • Electric drill
  • Phillips head bit
  • Handsaw
This trellis is easy to build and relatively inexpensive. Its 8' height makes it quite versatile, accommodating virtually any large climbing plant. Combine several of these trellises to form a wall.
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Start by laying two 10' pressure treated 2x4s on the ground. Lay a cedar lattice channel on each 2x4. Center the channels on the long sides of the 2x4s with one end of channel at the end of each 2x4. Fasten the channels to the 2x4s at 18" intervals with 1-" exterior wood screws.
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Cut a 27-" length of treated 2x4. Center a 22-" piece of lattice channel on the 2x4 and fasten it with three 1-" exterior wood screws.
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Next, cut a 22-" piece of treated 2x4 and center a 22-" piece of lattice channel on it. Fasten the two pieces of wood together with 1-" exterior wood screws.
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Place the 10' 2x4s on their sides and insert a 2x8' section of cedar lattice between them. Take the 27-" piece of 2x4 and place it as shown. This will be the top of the trellis.
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Set the 22-" piece of 2x4 at the other end of the trellis. Make sure the lattice is set into the channels as far as it can go on every side before proceeding to the last step.
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After you have the lattice in place, start fastening the 2x4s together. Start at the top, driving a pair of 3" exterior wood screws into each side. Repeat this on the bottom crossbar and the trellis is finished. For mounting instructions, see our tutorial: Mounting A Cedar Lattice Trellis.