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What you need:
  • 3-6' lengths of 1 to 1-" "structural" bamboo
  • 1-42" length of " bamboo (for the top cross piece)
  • 2-36" lengths of " bamboo (for the middle cross pieces)
  • 2-30" lengths of " bamboo (for decorative vertical pieces)
  • 16-36" lengths of 3/8" bamboo (for lower cross pieces)
  • Black lashing cord
  • Bamboo saw or fine-toothed hacksaw
  • Measuring tape
This low cost, attractive bamboo trellis is easy to assemble, and durable if not in contact with soil. It stands 6' tall by 3' wide, can be attached to a house or other structure, or mounted on steel anchor posts driven into the ground. It uses three sizes of bamboo.
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After you've worked out your design on paper and purchased the bamboo, cut it to size with a bamboo saw or a fine-toothed hacksaw. A bamboo saw has very fine, razor-sharp teeth; wear gloves when using it.
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Lay the uprights on the ground and the " crosspieces on top of them. The top crosspiece extends 6" past the outside uprights. The other two crosspieces extend 2" past the outside uprights. If you plan to mount the trellis on anchor posts, drive them into the ground first and assemble the trellis upright.
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Use black lashing cord to tie the bamboo together. (See Lashing Bamboo for tips on tying pieces of bamboo together securely.) The cord is coated with wax to prevent slippage as you wrap it around the bamboo and tie your knots.
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Position the decorative vertical pieces and lash them into place.
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Position and attach the lower crosspieces. These pieces, which are just 3/8" in diameter, are attached in pairs. They extend 2" beyond the outside uprights. When you've tied the last knot, your trellis is finished.