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What you need:
  • Strawberry pot
  • Large catch basin
  • Ceramic saucer
  • Acrylic sealant (optional)
  • Copper tubing
  • 90-120 gph pump
  • Electric drill
  • 5/8" ceramic drill bit
You can make this rustic outdoor fountain in a few hours. Fill the catch basin with rocks and water plants to create a fountain that delights the senses of sight and sound.
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Gather these ceramic components: strawberry pot, large catch basin, saucer that will fit in the rim of the strawberry pot, medium-sized pot. If unsealed, spray the catch basin with acrylic sealer. Drill a single 5/8" hole through the center of the saucer. Drill several, 5/8" holes in the rim of the medium pot. Use a rotary tool or file to grind a groove into the rim large enough to accommodate the power cord. Seal the catch basin before assembling the fountain.
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Place the saucer inside the strawberry pot rim as shown. Seal it in place with silicone caulking. Allow the silicone to cure before proceeding.
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Place a 90-120 gph pump in the center of the catch basin. Attach a length of copper tubing to the outlet on the pump. The size of the tubing is dependent on the size of the outlet. Most smaller pumps have either a " or 5/8" outlet. The tubing must be slightly longer than the combined height of the medium pot and the strawberry pot.
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Place the medium pot over the pump with the tubing through the drainage hole. Place the power cord in the groove in the rim of the pot.
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Place the strawberry pot on top of the medium pot, and thread the tubing through the hole in the saucer. Trim the tubing so about " of tubing protrudes through the saucer. Unless the hole in the saucer is much larger than the tubing, you need not caulk around the tubing. Fill the catch basin with water, plug in the pump, and enjoy!