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What you need:
  • 5/8" masonry bit
  • Ceramic pots and dishes
  • 18 in. ceramic dish
  • 10 in. ceramic dish
  • 8 in. ceramic dish
  • Two 6 in. ceramic dishes
  • 7 in. ceramic pot
  • 5 in. ceramic pot
  • 3 in. ceramic pot
  • Clear 5/8 in. tubing
  • 60-80 gph statuary pump
  • clear spray acrylic
  • rotary tool or a file
  • epoxy
  • decorative rocks
Assemble this charming fountain in about 2 hours from items found at your local garden center. A few ceramic pots, dishes and a pump are the main components.
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The ceramic components of the fountain: one 18 in., one 10 in., one 8 in., and two 6 in. ceramic dishes, plus one each 7 in., 5 in., and 3" ceramic pots. Drill holes in the centers and/or cut grooves into the edges of some to direct the flow of water.
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Using a 5/8 in. masonry bit, drill a hole through the center of the 10 in. dish. Wet the dish to minimize dust.
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Using a rotary tool or a file, grind x in grooves in the edges of the ceramic dishes. Grind one groove in the 10 in. dish (with the hole), 1 groove in the 8 in. dish, 1 groove in a 6 in. dish, and 4 grooves in the other. Finally, grind four grooves into the 7 in. pot.
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Spray the inside of all dishes with clear spray acrylic to waterproof them. It isn't necessary to seal the pots.
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Fit a 5 in. length of clear 5/8 in. tubing over the pump outlet. Place the pump inside the large ceramic dish. Place the 7 in. pot upside down over the pump with the cord running through one of the four grooves. Thread the tubing through the drainage hole.
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Arrange the other components as shown. The 10 in. dish goes on the 7 in. pot, with the tubing fed through the hole you drilled. Position the grooves so, as water fills each dish, it empties into the one below.
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Once you have all the grooves facing the right way, epoxy the tube in place to keep water from draining back through the hole. Allow the epoxy to dry before continuing.
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Place the 6 in. dish with the four grooves upside down in the center of the 10 in. dish to hide the tubing and create a platform for accents such as a potted plant or a decorative rock. Fill the dish with water, turn on the pump, and adjust the water flow.
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Arrange decorative rocks in the bottom of the large dish and you're done.