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What you need:
  • Pruning knife
  • Rooting hormone
  • Propagator
  • Seedling mix
  • Pencil or dibble
Select a healthy, medium sized leaf from the donor plant. Use a clean sharp knife or pruning shears to remove the cutting. Make a diagonal cut, leaving 1-" or 2" of stem on the leaf.
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Dip the wound in rooting hormone and gently tap off any excess powder.
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Fill a 4" ceramic pot with commercial African violet mix. Use a dibbler or a pencil to make a 1" deep hole in the center of the pot. Insert the cutting into the hole. It's important that the cutting is touching the bottom of the hole.
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Next, place the pot in a propagator. The cutting should be kept in bright, indirect light. Fluorescent lighting works well for rooting cuttings. In six to eight weeks small plantlets should start to form from the base of the cutting.