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What you need:
  • Power edger
  • Half moon edger
  • 2x4 to use as a guide

Edging your lawn is a simple and effective way of keeping unruly grass at bay. If you plan on edging a large area, a power edger is recommended.
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For smaller areas, a half moon edger works great. Position the edger about a " inside of the current grass line. Step down firmly and wiggle the edger side to side. Shake off any soil and compost the grass pieces. Be careful not to pile up soil around the trunks of plants as you edge. Changing the grade can cause problems for plants.
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For straight lines, use a board as a guide when edging your lawn. Discard or compost the material that you remove. If you choose to compost the trimmings, shake off any loose soil before adding them to the pile or bin.