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What you need:
  • Dried fragrant herb leaves
  • Dried orange peels, seed pods, flowers, whole spices, etc...
  • Essential oils
  • Orris root or Sweet Flag
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Large plastic bag or container
Have ready two cups of dried fragrant herb leaves such as lemon verbena or scented geraniums. You'll also need two cups of visually attractive dried material such as colorful dried flowers, dried orange peel, whole spices, berries, and unusual seed pods. Find these at grocery stores, specialty food retailers and on-line merchants.
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Fixatives such as Orris root or Sweet Flag (available from some on-line herb merchants or health food stores) hold the scent and help the potpourri to maintain its fragrance longer. After choosing an essential oil to complement the other potpourri materials, mix together two tablespoons of fixative with enough drops of essential oil to form a lumpy mixture.
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Mix all of the ingredients in a large plastic bag and tie the bag shut. Store the bag in a dry spot for 4 to 6 weeks, shaking every few days, while the potpourri ages and mellows.
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Display the finished potpourri in an attractive non-metal container.