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What you need:
  • Pruning shears
  • Recommended insecticide

It is easy to keep your fuchsia over the winter. Stop the use of fertilizer after the early part of September. This will slow the growth of your fuchsia. Trim the longer branches off, leaving the vegetation above the rim of the pot intact. Seed pods may be left on, as they signal the plant to prepare for the dormant season.
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One common problem people have when over-wintering fuchsias is root weevil infestation. The larva of the root weevils feed on the plant's roots while it is dormant. To avoid infestation, drench the fuchsia with a professionally recommended insecticide.
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Place the fuchsia in a cool, dark place such as a garage or shed. Avoid putting your plant where it is susceptible to winter winds. If you keep the fuchsia in an area where it may get rained on, such as under a porch, lay the pot on its side to avoid over saturation. While it is important to keep the soil moist during the winter months, you don't want the soil to be waterlogged.