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What you need:
  • Glycerine
  • Glass jar
  • Pruning knife
  • Hot water
  • String
Glycerinized foliage is perfect for dried arrangements. It usually turns the foliage a dark green or shade of brown and gives the leaves a leather-like texture. Foliage that you can try glycerinizing include mahonia, leucothoe, rhododendron, laurel, beech and baptisia. First, remove the lower leaves from the shoot you wish to glycerinize. Next, use a pruning knife to split the bottom 3" of the stem.
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In a large glass jar, mix one part glycerine and two parts hot water together. Glycerine can be found at most craft stores.
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Place the shoots into the mixture of glycerine and water. The split stems will absorb the mixture, causing the foliage to glycerinize.
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When the leaves have turned uniformly dark green or brown, they are properly conditioned. This time period varies from a couple days to two weeks. After taking the stems out the solution, hang them upside down. Take care to protect your floors from the dripping glycerine.