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What you need:
  • Half whiskey barrel
  • Half whiskey barrel liner
  • Cement blocks
  • Water plant fertlizer
  • Water lily
  • Assorted marginal aquatics
  • Oxygenators
Creating a water garden in a tub starts container selection. A half whiskey barrel works quite well, as does a properly sealed large ceramic pot. For this garden, we use a half whiskey barrel. Line the barrel to prevent any toxins from leaching out of the wood into the water.
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In order to accommodate shallow-water plants, place two concrete blocks in the tub. Use blocks with open centers to maximize the water volume.
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Once the blocks are in place, start adding plants. Place a water lily in the deepest portion of the tub.
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Next, set marginal aquatics on the blocks. If you purchase plants in small containers, combine several in one larger container. After all of the plants are in place, start filling the tub with water. It's a good idea to use a suitable inline filter to ensure that the water is clean and chemical free.
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Add floating aquatics and oxygenators as soon as the tub is filled.
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Insert a slow-release water plant fertilizer tab into each pot. Within a few weeks the tub garden should be thriving.