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What you need:
  • Pruners
  • Protective clothing and rubber gloves
  • Brush killer
  • Shovel
Blackberry removal requires perseverance and elbow grease. The best time of year to remove blackberries is in fall. Then, the plants are reabsorbing nutrients from their leaves prior to dormancy and the cooler weather makes the heavy gloves, long sleeves, and coveralls needed to avoid those sharp thorns more comfortable.
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Begin by using pruners and loppers to cut canes and runners back to about 3" from the ground. Where you can, dig or pull out recently rooted growth, making sure you get all the roots. Leave larger stumps.
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As you clear a section, go back and paint fresh-cut stumps with concentrated brush remover, using a plastic cup with a paintbrush. Wear chemical-proof gloves and keep the concentrate away from desirable plants. Working in sections, continue to clear canes, going back to paint the stumps. For best results, paint each stump within hour of cutting. As necessary, repeat this treatment at once or twice a year; large, entrenched blackberry patches will regrow, although much reduced in vigor. With determination, however, the patch will eventually be eradicated.