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What you need:
  • 5 ft. wide concrete reinforcing wire
  • Medium gauge utility wire
  • Bolt cutters
  • Cinder blocks
  • Green spray enamel
  • 6 ft. wooden stakes
  • Mallet or hammer
Many commercial tomato cages are neither large enough nor sturdy enough to support indeterminate tomato plants. You can make your own easily enough by using 5 ft. wide concrete reinforcing wire. Unroll the wire and weight down with concrete blocks to hold in place. Use bolt cutters to cut 15 ft. of wire.
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Sever the bottom row of horizontal wire along one end of the mesh. This leaves a row of tines to help anchor the cage in the soil.
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Next, remove the concrete blocks and stand the wire upright. Be careful; the wire may spring up when the blocks are removed. Form a cylinder with the wire and lash the ends together using medium gauge utility wire.
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The reinforcing wire will rust if not painted. Two coats of spray enamel will ensure that the cage remains rust free.
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Once the enamel has dried, place the cage over your tomato plant. Wooden stakes pounded into the ground on either side of the cage will offer additional support.